This Sunday afternoon, Alberto Fernández surprised by giving an interview to the journalist Tomás Rebord for his YouTube channel. On this occasion, he reflected on his mandate, criticized Donald Trump, spoke about future elections and defended the innocence of Cristina Kirchner.

In the first place, he assured that during his visit to Joe Biden, in the United States, both “they laughed at trump” because they have a bad opinion of him. “He knows perfectly well the similarities between Macri and Trump, the link they had and have. I think he fully understands that the debt that Argentina has was a decision by Trump to favor his friend Macri,” said the Argentine head of state. .

In this sense, Fernández also recalled the advice that Mauricio Macri would have given him shortly before taking office in the Government: “He recommended that I cut every two weeks because the national administration is a shredder.”

“I listened to him and told him ‘look, I know what this is about, I spent four years in the office next door (by the office of the Chief of Staff), and taking a break every two weeks, the truth is difficult . This is 24 by 24″, he noted.

Regarding the four years that he has been in the presidency of the country, he said that in his political career these were not the four years that he would have chosen to address, taking into account that for him they have been four terrible years. “The IMF, the pandemic, the debt, the inflation, the drought. It’s too much,” she said.