The President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, traveled around 9 o’clock with his chancellor, Santiago Cafiero, heading to Brasilia. Both leaders will land around 12, and will move to the Planalto Palace. Lula da Silva’s inauguration ceremony is scheduled for 1:30 p.m.

At the moment, a private meeting with the president-elect is not scheduled and Alberto is expected to return the same day. What is confirmed is that Lula will disembark in Buenos Aires on January 23 to participate in the CELAC summit, the regional bloc that the Argentine president will preside over until January of this year.

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Fernández will be accompanied by Gabriela Cerruti, the government spokesperson; Celso Amorim, the Minister of Foreign Relations: Julio Vitobello, Secretary General of the Presidency and Daniel Scioli, Argentine Ambassador to Brazil. Both Scioli and Fernández see in Lula a potential political and commercial partner, facing the elections that will be held in the country on August 13 when the PASO is held and on October 22 when the elections generals to elect President, vice, deputies and senators.