This Tuesday night the President of the Nation had to be transferred to the Otamendi Sanatorium, a health center located in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires, due to acute pain in the lower back. On the afternoon of this Wednesday, the Alberto Fernandez He confirmed that he will undergo outpatient surgery on Friday to treat his herniated disc after being hospitalized in the last few hours due to the severe pain caused by the pathology.

“I feel fine. A slipping herniated disc creates very intense pain. That pain has diminished with painkillers but it requires me to limit the activity“said the president.

“My schedule will continue in Olivos and unfortunately I had to suspend the trips I had planned to Chaco and Entre Ríos, which I will try to do next week,” he added.

In addition, the President commented that he already has a history of having suffered pain in the same area of ​​his spine: “In that same disc I had the same problem 16 years ago and I underwent the same treatment with very good results. It is nothing serious, although without adequate treatment causes you very intense pain”.