President Alberto Fernandez announced the construction of the first neighborhood inclusive. It will be intended for 260 people undergoing mental health and intellectual disability treatment. Within the framework of compliance with the National Mental Health Law, 50 houses equipped to carry out the correct health treatments will be built.

Accompanied by the Ministers of Health, Carla Vizzotti and Territorial Development and Habitat, santiago maggiottithe mayor of Luján, Leonardo Boto, and the director of the establishment, Silvina Aguilar, The president exposed the need to speak and keep an eye on mental health problems that, according to what he announced, are considered “taboo.” He, in turn, rejected the security measures that were adopted to treat illnesses in the past.

“Security measures was to lock them up in an asylum and leave them there in a kind of silence. A place that we would all prefer not to talk about. The time has come to talk about mental health, it is necessary to speak because it has multiple facets“.

Alberto Fernandez

The current government, already in its last stage, is advancing in the planning of a neighborhood that will contemplate 50 homes for 260 peopleon a property that belongs to the Montes de Oca National Colony that already has services to start the work. Likewise, the construction intends to readjust two pavilions already established and add a housing complex with capacity for 24 patients with intensive support needs.

Fernández proceeded to call the new center “National Hospital and Community Ramón Carrillo” since the last name of the place was acquired during the de facto government of Onganía.

“I would like this impulse not to give way, to continue to have the same strength and speed, to continue to show the same courage, desire and grit because it is necessary that we do it and that it be seen. (…) That we can show that this is the Anyway, this is the path, not the path we were on.”

Alberto Fernandez

Along the same lines, he revealed that he was the first president to deal with the problem and confessed that his attention arose as a result of the impact of the pandemic on society. “A society that treats its patients by hiding them, marginalizing them to abandonment is a horrible society that ignores the place of the other. In this postmodernism where individualism has become a cult, recovering the criterion of solidarity is very important“, he indicated.

A society where a few win is not a society, it is a scam. We cannot afford to live among scammers, we do have to give ourselves the pleasure of living among supporters. Here no one is saved alone. Let’s work together and in unity, when we agree on important things, things work out,” he said.

Finally, the president recalled the 100 years since the birth of the doctor René Favalorowhom he recounted as having “the pleasure of helping him at times when he was having a hard time”, and he stated: “Somewhere, Favaloro will say that his preaching was not in vain, it made sense. It is the best tribute we can make him”.

Hours before, through a post on social networks, he highlighted the great contribution to science that the Argentine heart surgeon embodied. “His impeccable track record not only motivates us to continue valuing and investing in public health, but also it also reminds us of the consequences of not doing so“, he indicated, and concluded: “The State must be present, especially for the most vulnerable, the same ones for whom Dr. Favaloro poured all his vocation. We are building that country and we want it to continue in that direction.”