President Alberto Fernández confirmed his presence at the inauguration of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to the presidency of Brazil, on January 1. This act constitutes one of the central points of the international agenda of the national government for 2023, both because of the impact on the strategic bilateral relationship but also because of its weight in the future of regional integration.

Although at first there was speculation about the possibility that Fernández would travel to Brasilia on December 31, where he would receive the new year with his family, changes in the schedule of Lula’s inauguration ceremony, modified the plans of the Argentine president, who will finally leave with his entourage for the Brazilian capital on January 1, to return to Buenos Aires the same day.

The Head of State and the entourage that accompanies him, not yet fully defined, will be received in Brasilia by Ambassador Daniel Scioli, who will make the headquarters of the Argentine embassy available to the presidential delegation.

As indicated, there is the possibility that the former president of Uruguay, José Pepe Mujica, will also travel with Fernández, who at the invitation of the Argentine president could get on the plane that will take him to Brasilia.