Mayor Martín Llaryora and Senator Alejandra Vigo jointly led the May 1 Labor Day event before 7,000 Capital militants, where they highlighted the importance of public works in job creation. The event was in Forge.

In addition to celebrating this iconic date for Peronism, the new authorities of the PJ Capital were proclaimed in the activity, whose new president is the mayor of the city. Vigo, uninominal representative for the Capital to the Provincial Council of the PJ, expressed: “We are the Peronists who make things happen and be carried out. That we do the transformation”. “If there is a government that symbolizes the need for employment, that understands that social inclusion goes hand in hand with employment, it is that of Córdoba, that of the Province and that of the City”.

“We know that the country is going through extreme difficulties, a deep crisis. But here is the Córdoba that the whole country is looking at: the Córdoba of work, that of the employment subsidy. From the province as well as from the municipality, works and more works that generate work are carried out”, he added.

Lastly, the senator indicated: “political leaders are citizens to whom other citizens transfer the responsibility to govern, and this commitment is the one that we have come to renew from the Party that, together with other political forces, from Hace por Córdoba, knew interpret all of Córdoba, with a government that speaks little and does. Today the important thing is the management, there will be time to talk about candidacies. Today we all have to be working for Córdoba, for the people. Because we are the Peronists who make things happen and get done; working for consensus, working together.”
For his part, Llaryora pointed out that for there to be work, there must be businessmen, entrepreneurs, SMEs, men and women from Córdoba who invest their money in production to generate employment and work”.

He also addressed all those who “continue to fight” to find a job: “To all those who today have a plan, who have help, I tell them that we are always going to redouble our efforts because we know that in Argentina no one wants to have a plan, no one wants to have a subsidy: everyone wants to have a decent job so that their family lives in peace. It is for all this that with Juan (Schiaretti) we do not stop doing, because we understand that in these times of crisis, recession and inflation, public works is one of the most important engines that generate economic movement and employment”.