The national senator Alejandra Vigo announced the presentation, in the National Senate, of two bills of her authorship aimed at promoting equity and eradicating violence in sport, all within the framework of the delivery of the “Mujeres Protagonistas” Awards of the Sport of Córdoba”.

The project of “Equality for women in professional football” proposes promoting gender parity in the labor relationship that links clubs of all professional categories of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) with the players. The text promotes equality between men’s and women’s soccer regarding prizes, publicity rights, salaries and game locations.

It also provides that the clubs train all the people linked to the entity in gender and obliges to cancel the contract of a member guilty of gender violence. In addition, the norm proposes accompaniment to victims of gender violence and sanctions for alimony debtors who are members of a club. To guarantee its compliance, the project provides from warnings to disconnecting the entity from the Institutional System of Sport and Physical Activity.

sports violence

The other initiative that Vigo presented in the Senate incorporates the “Sports violence against women” as a type of violence contemplated in Law 26,485 of “Comprehensive Protection of Women”. The project consists of an article that adds subsection “g” in article 6 of the law and defines sports violence against women as “anything that prevents or hinders their access to sporting activities, involves salary differences in relation to men to the detriment of women who make sport their way of work, that which is due to discrimination of any kind committed in the field of sports and with reason for the same, physical and psychological violence in the field of sport is also included.

The Comprehensive Protection Law to prevent, punish and eradicate violence against women in the areas in which they develop their interpersonal relationships was promulgated in 2009 and in its article 6 it contemplates domestic, institutional, labor violence, against reproductive, obstetric and media. The Vigo initiative proposes to point out, due to its impact, sports violence against women to make this modality visible and give rise to the installation of effective measures for prevention and eradication, assistance to affected people, and banishing cover-ups for aggressors and protect survivors.

“Violence in sport annuls or undermines the enjoyment or exercise of women’s rights, in terms of conditions of equality and, in particular, their right to physical culture and the practice of sport recognized in international treaties. In addition, it violates the dignity and physical and mental integrity by creating a hostile, degrading, offensive or annoying environment. “Discriminatory treatment affects athletes, but also other women who work as coaches, technicians, doctors or managers, girls of school age, even elite or high competition athletes”They point out the fundamentals.

Although more and more sports organizations have protocols to respond to situations of harassment, abuse or violence; In line with the UN, Vigo points out that “publishing documents is not enough.”

leading women

Vigo participated this Thursday in the First Edition of the “Mujeres Protagonistas del Deporte de Córdoba” Awards, which took place at the Córdoba Cultural Center and was attended by the Minister for Women, Claudia Martínez; Luis Salinas, president of the Circle of Sports Journalists; and Héctor Campana, president of the Córdoba Sports Agency. At the event, medals were awarded to 80 active or retired athletes from different disciplines. One of the most emotional moments was the delivery of a medal by Alejandra Vigo to Sonia Torres, a reference to the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo Córdoba, in memory of her daughter Silvina Parodi, a swimmer, who disappeared during the last military dictatorship.