The Secretariat of Climate Risk Management, Catastrophes and Civil Protection reported that for the weekend the conditions of extreme risk of forest fire will continue throughout the province of Córdoba. In addition, the agency indicated that dry conditions and moderate wind in the southern sector with gusts of up to 85 km/h are expected to continue for the weekend. in mountain areas, south and northwest, which will gradually decrease towards Saturday afternoon.

Although the weather forecast anticipates the possibility of light rainfall with snowfall in the mountains of the Punilla Valley, Calamuchita and Sierras Chicas, the alert about possible fires continues.


-Do not use the fire without having obtained the controlled burning permit, which is not authorized in times of fire risk.

-Do not burn pruning remains, garbage, stubble and weeding of land.

-Perform in each property the preventive practices that are within your reach, such as: firebreak streets; fence cleaning; construction of water reservoirs; availability of combat elements (shovels, whips, machetes, etc.); and swimming pool, or Australian tank filled throughout the year, as this water reserve is essential in case of fires.

-Under no circumstances throw lighted matches in the fields, forests or wooded areas, remember that most fires originate and occur as a result of a lack of precaution.

-Do not make campfires; It is only allowed to carry them out in the places enabled for this purpose (campsites, complexes, camps, etc.)

-In no case light a fire under the trees, not only because of the fire danger that this implies, but also because of the damage caused by the heat to the plant, which is a living organism.

-Make your stove in authorized places.

-Keep in mind that the wind can spread a small campfire causing a fire.

-Never throw cigarette butts in the field.

-If a fire starts in the grass and as long as it has not reached too much intensity, put it out by hitting the flame with a blanket or bag, if possible wet.