The first season of El Hotel de los Famosos has come to an end. After spending almost four months locked up in a luxurious establishment in Cañuelas, yesterday the final was broadcast in which Alex Caniggia and Martín Salwe faced off to win the 10 million pesos.

The last final challenge consisted of three games with a lot of dexterity and physical ability, among them, the much-feared “Hache”. Finally, the son of the bird Caniggia was champion after beating his rival for two minutes.

The final was attended by all the former participants of the hotel, who encouraged the duelists. In a relaxed atmosphere, they remembered funny anecdotes from their time on the reality show and also strong discussions that generated tension throughout the cycle. In addition, he also attended Charlotte Caniggia to accompany his brother.

Alex Caniggia became champion of "The Hotel of the Famous" • Channel C

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