The son of Claudio Paul Caniggia and Mariana Nannis, Alexander Caniggia, was furious on social networks at the criticism of his jaw retouching.

“They see me in person and their panties fall off,” launched the boy, who was targeted on Twitter for his physical change and was even used as a meme to compare him with Ricardo Fort, Johnny Bravo and Lord Farquaad.

“I laugh at those who criticize and live in a hovel. But they see me in person and their panties fall off, ”Caniggia wrote in an Instagram post in which she shared her face again.

In turn, with his usual humorous tone, he joked by challenging the American actor Zac Efron, who has a marked jaw.

“Zac Efron, next to me you are a vizcacha. Did you see my jaw? Every day I am more attractive! ”, The media concluded.