Small, stuffed with dulce de leche or some fruit and covered with a thin layer of icing, alfajores from Cordoba are a traditional recipe and the most chosen by people when it comes to accompanying the round of mates. You can choose a wide variety of fillings, but the most classic choose to put dulce de leche inside.

We leave you the recipe of the pastry chef Juan Manuel Herrera, so you can bake your own alfajores.


Sugar 150 grams, Ammonium Bicarbonate 10 Grams, Eggs 3 Units, Flour 500 Grams, Malt 50 Grams, Margarine 120 Grams, Baking Powder 10 Grams, Salt 5 Grams.

Glazed: Impalpable sugar c/n and lemon juice 300 cc

Filling: Red fruit jam c/n and Dulce de leche c/n

Step by Step

1. Beat with pomade margarine lira, sugar and add eggs one by one, malt extract and work until integrated.

2. Mix flour, salt, ammonium bicarbonate, baking powder and make a volcano on the counter.

3.In the center add the beaten eggs and work with 2 cornet until united without kneading too much.

4.Stretch with a 1 cm high stick and with a 6 cm diameter cutter cut the tops.

5.Place on a silicone baking sheet and let it rest in the cold for 30 minutes.

6. Cook in oven at 170° C for 15 minutes.


7. Assemble the alfajores filling the lids but leaving the flat part out.

8.Fill with red fruit jam and others with dulce de leche

9. Coat with glaze on a rack covering the entire alfajor and let dry.


10. Heat lemon juice in a bain-marie and add plenty of powdered sugar.

11.Join with a wire whisk and gradually add powdered sugar until the desired density is obtained.