Jona Martini and Lu Bericebar, dancers from “Algarabía” visited our open-air television set, Espacio Canal C, and gave us a preview of what can be experienced in this incredible play. It should be remembered that the show is being presented from Tuesday to Sunday at the Teatro Bar in Villa Carlos Paz.

In an intimate chat with the artists, Lu Bericeber told us about his role on stage: “We are the dance partner of the show (in reference to Martini), basically we have to do that. We do two paintings, first a very acrobatic adagio and then a sauce”. Regarding this, Jona Martini adds: “Very happy to encourage people, since it is a humorous show and we put in the dance part. We have another partner who is a dancer so we are accompanied by a great cast, a magician, a singer, two drag”.

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In relation to what the public that wants to live this theatrical experience will find, the dancer explains that Algarabía “It is a musical comedy show, something like a varieté” where there is “humor, magic, dances of different styles, singers, drag. A very varied proposal for the whole family”

Regarding how they have been facing this season, Jona tells us: “We come from a week of a lot of work. Being able to capture it, that it is carried out and that it is so fluid is a pampering to the soul. We are with all the batteries because a long season awaits us”.

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