This Tuesday in Partners of the Show, the panelist Luli Fernández announced the separation between Alina Moine and Marcelo Gallardo. Although the protagonists never confirmed or gave statements about their relationship, the link between the journalist and the River coach would have ended a month and a half ago.

I’m going to tell you two things we didn’t know. Do you remember when we talked about the Champions League final in Paris? That she was suspected of going? I tell you that Alina Moine had a reservation to go to Paris to see the Champions League final with Marcelo Gallardo. And that she had been the one who canceled those tickets a week before and decided, since she already had the days requested on ESPN, to go to Bariloche ”Fernandez added.

“A month and a half ago he got tired and it was over,” Luli revealed, explaining that the relationship between Moine and Gallardo no longer exists. “Today they are not together, but from the club they confirmed that he is still separated from Geraldine”he finished, referring to the soccer player’s wife, after she published an Instagram story in honor of Father’s Day.

Alina Moine and Marcelo Gallardo, separated • Channel C