“Palito Ortega”, a “Thank you” and a “Goodbye” made Córdoba Capital palpitate: All about his farewell tour  • Channel C

By Medina Natalia, for Channel C

Palito Ortega, shone before a packed Quality Stadium and sold out seats. The doors opened at 9:00 p.m., and in the surroundings you could already feel the anticipation of a unique show full of charisma. The fans began to line up to enter the roofed Stadium. Family, friends, couples, even travelers who came from different provinces gave life to a show where no one was left sitting.

With the incomparable presentation of Juan Alberto Mateyko, emblematic presenter of hundreds of artists – and a close friend of Palito Ortega – “Thanks” began, Farewell Tour. Owner of an unparalleled charisma -and at 81 years of age- Palito Ortega embarked on a varied show with warm nuances.

As for his repertoire: dynamic, entertaining and exciting. Beginning with “A boy like me”; reviving “Welcome love”; remembering “Viva la vida”, more and more classics, until ending with “Media novia” and “Voy cantando”. A total of 15 songs.

Unforgettable moments from the show

Palito Ortega not only sang and danced, but also had a lot of dialogue with his audience. One of his phrases, “Imagine, dream and make it possible, life is a permanent test.” Reflection in which he constantly returned.

Almost 2 hours on stage, and there was also time for guests. Lalo Fransen, -of the emblematic “El Club del Clan”-, not only delighted those present as a musician, but also with his voice. Then, Palito Ortega recalled anecdotes from his childhood, as well as from his artistic career, such as: funny moments with Violeta Rivas.

the final moment

With the long-awaited songs, “Vestida de novia”, “Popotitos”, and “Sesimilar a mi madre”, the culminating moments of the show began to be experienced. A white suit, with glitter details, highlighted the figure of Palito Ortega at all times.

With the audience turned on, he said goodbye, leaving everyone in a chorus of … “One more”. He returned to the stage, with his full band, and delighted everyone with his last two songs “Media Novia” and “Voy cantando”.