In the new Espacio Canal C the members of the cast of the play “There were 5 brothers and she was not very holy” were present, which returns to the stages of Villa Carlos Paz in this 2023 season. It can be enjoyed on Mondays at the Theater Zorba (Montevideo 13) at 10 p.m.

Luis Roca (actor) and Martín Baudino (producer) were in charge of telling what this original work by Miguel Iriarte is about and which is directed by Enrique Giungi. “It is a different work. They have targeted artists from different locations such as Alta Gracia, Córdoba, Almafuerte, Los Cóndores”says Louis.

“We have ten artists on stage, all of them are from Cordoba, the work is from Cordoba. It is Cordovan humor, very autochthonous. This is a tribute to Miguel Iriarte. We tell people to go with their handkerchiefs because they are going to cry with laughter”complete Martin.

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The work is located in the Cordovan capital of the sixties. Its synopsis reads: “A work exposes with crudeness and humor the life of a family group in the peripheral neighborhoods of a marginal, poor and forgotten Córdoba. A blow of fate changes the life of the family and makes disagreements, antagonisms and human miseries flourish”.

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