While Telefe prepares the debut of a new edition of Big Brother, starting on October 17, eltrece already has its workhorse for the summer: the second season of The Hotel of the Famous.

The contest hosted by Pampita and Chino Leunis was a risk for the channel that has Adrián Suar as programming manager, since in its first installment it summoned little-known figures. However, it achieved satisfactory results.

After the consecration of Alex Caniggia as the winner, everything was ready for a new installment to begin, for which the channel has been working with the production company Boxfish for some time, since it is expected that the recordings will begin in the coming weeks and that it will come out on air in 2023. In addition to the hosts, Gabriel Oliveri will return as general manager of the hotel and José María Muscari as coexistence coach.

While those chosen to live under the same roof, work and undergo physical skill challenges are Charlotte Caniggia, the former Big Brother Marian Farjat, Érica García, Emiliano Rella, Alejo Ortíz, Delfina Gérez Bosco, Dolores Barreiro, the former Combat Flor Moyano , Mariano Caprarola, Federico Barón, Bautista Araneo and the Uruguayan Abigail Pereira.

“I think the fact that we have two realities raises the bar for all of us, I think it forces us to think, to be creative to have a second version that is even better. I trust it will be like that,” Leunis reflected days ago, in relation to the fight for the rating with the channel of the balls. And he advanced: “There are going to be some changes in the regulations. To avoid things that happened, but also because we want the participants not to come with the fact that they already know everything how it is going to be because they saw the first edition.”