The Center for Storekeepers and Retail Merchants of the Province of Córdoba, through its Department of Statistics and Trends, reported this Sunday that the Total Basic Basket Value amounted to $195,115.06 during March. Meanwhile, the value of the Basic Food Basket reached $102,508.59.

Within this framework, 44.3% of households in Córdoba could not access the entire Basic Food Basket and of the total, 72.8% of households that were able to fully access the CBA did so. with some social assistance (AUH plus Food Card, Social Card of the Province of Córdoba, among others).

Along these lines, 77.8% of Family Groups had to allocate more than 50% of their total income to the purchase of food and 86.9% of households had to finance their purchase.

In turn, 63.1% of families could not fully meet the current expenses of the month, 62% had to spend saved money to cover essential expenses and 30% of those consulted asked for financial help from acquaintances. to meet household expenses.

The Center for Storekeepers also indicated that 11% of Heads of households requested loans from banks and/or finance companies and/or private lenders, while 23% of families had to sell some of their belongings to serve essential expenses of your household

In the context of the economic crisis, the study reported that the main delinquent debts of families are (in the order they are mentioned): credit cards; rates, taxes and services; credits and loans; private medicine.