Just one day after the sentence is handed down and after several weeks of hearings, where several renowned figures passed, the trial that confronts Amber Heard and Johnny Depp never ceases to amaze. Now, in the Fairfax courts, several messages were released that the actor had sent to his ex-wife with a violent and intimidating tone.

In addition, several threats were read that Depp launched against businessman Elon Musk, with whom Heard is suspected of having an affair while she was married to the actor. “We have to see if Mollusk has a pair of… let him come see me face to face. I’m going to show him things he’s never seen before. Like the other side of his penis when he cuts it off,” wrote Johnny Deep.

In several messages, the actor referred to Heard as a “fortune hunter” and even wished her death, most of these were sent after the actress asked for a divorce and put the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean a restraining order .

“She is begging to be humiliated by the whole world and she will get it,” said one of the texts Depp sent to a friend. In another of the messages you can read: “I have no mercy, no fear, not a shred of emotion, or what I once thought was love for this low-level gold digger who is worth ten cents a dozen,” he wrote. .

The culminating moment came when they read one of the messages sent by the actor in which he said: “She is a 50 cent stripper who would not touch her with a fucking glove. I can only hope that her karma will activate and take away the gift of breath, ”hearing it, Amber began to cry.

Far from denying that these messages had been sent by him, the actor did not apologize and stated that he was not proud of his language.