The great tango reference Américo Tatián passed away this Monday morning at the age of 85. The renowned music lover hosted his radio programl “The city where we live” since November 1986.

Tatián was passionate about tango, a fan of Piazzola, Pugliese and Trolio. In addition to his vocation for music and radio, he studied Medicine at the National University of Córdoba where for years he dedicated himself to teaching.

He was a pulmonologist and specialized in tuberculosis, the branch that studies tuberculosis.

Américo will be fired this Monday at Casa Minoli de Rafael Nuñez 3845 Room C, Ground Floor, from 2:00 p.m. to midnight. The burial will take place on Tuesday at La Floresta Ruta 5, km 18. Santa Ana. A caravan will leave the living room at 10 am, to begin at 11 am in the cemetery, the family reported.