Rumors of romance between Lali Esposito and Rels B had a strong presence in recent weeks. Although they had not been seen together all the time, it was believed that there was something between the two of them because the singer used the rapper’s clothes, a fact that had fanned the flames of a possible musical collaboration… but also, of a possible relationship.

Now, as a reason for the advance of a new song (which will be released this Thursday at 7:00 p.m.), Rels B published a strong video on TikTok that went viral on social networks. These are intimate images of him, in the company of the Argentine pop artist.

“How nice it would be, exchanging energies, turning on without saying good morning, making love and then asking you: ‘How did you sleep baby?’ If you dreamed of me… ”, says the lyrics of the song that the Spanish rapper advanced. In turn, Lali tweeted in reference to the song: “How did you sleep, baby?”, which suggests that it would be a duet, although neither of them officially confirmed it.

In the images you can see them both enjoying the jacuzzi on a yacht, with the artist in a bikini; they also appear in the sea to swim and in bed, with Lali completely naked, barely covered by a sheet and blowing a kiss at the camera.

Rumors of romance had flourished because the interpreter of Disciplina had gone to spend the summer in Europe, after her intense tour, and had published some photographs where she could be seen on the same yacht as the Spanish rapper. In addition, they wore the same glasses (not just any, but some characteristic of Rels B) and the same shirt. From these types of details, fans had drawn the conclusion that they were in the same place and that there was a possible relationship on the way.