The organization Amnesty International repudiated this Wednesday the attitude of the participant of the reality show Big Brother 2022, Thiago Medina, for hugging and caressing one of his companions while he was sleeping. The NGO once again criticized the attitude of the fact that Agustín Guardia was a victim of and maintained that “Big Brother forgets something basic: consent. And no, it’s not a joke.”

The controversial action of the young man from González Catán was repudiated on social networks, where many users condemned the situation.

In recent days, the 25-year-old from La Plata received insults and jokes from some reality show contestants, since they suspect that he would have made a spontaneous nomination. In fact, Thiago lay down and caressed Agustín with the complicity of Alfa, Juan and Maxi, who also laughed at the awkward moment.

“Only if it is yes. Short”, published the official Twitter account of the Human Rights organization. And in the post she added that “yesterday images were broadcast in which a participant lay down next to another while he slept: touched him, kissed him, groped him and left, along with two others who looked and laughed as if it were a joke”.

“When you sleep there is no consent,” said the plaque published by Amnesty International Argentina on social networks.