In a dialogue with Bien Directo Noticias, Ana Altamirano -deputy secretary of the Family House Staff Union (SINPECAF)- referred to the discussion scheduled for this Monday by the representatives of the union organizations and the business chambers with the Ministry of Labor to discuss an update on the salary of domestic work staff.

“As representatives of the sector in the province of Córdoba, we take our motion on how we want the improvement in our salary to be treated. On Thursday we had a meeting with the National Commission of Private House Workers, where we did not reach any agreement,” he explains. Altamirano. Monday’s meeting began at 2:00 p.m. “to see if we reach an agreement.”

The expectation of the union is to improve the salary of domestic workers from the latest SMVM update (Minimum salary, vital and movil). “Understanding that today the basic basket is around $110,000 and our colleagues who do general tasks earn a monthly fee of $44,527,” says the union member.

Altamirano anticipates that they seek to bring the hour of work to $493, ​​while it is currently at $362. “Most unions are looking for an 85% improvement. We are a long way from that number.”

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