The love of animals comes without prejudice, without distinction of any kind: it is unconditional. A few hours or a lifetime have passed, they will love us the same, especially the puppies.

This was reflected by a traveling tiktoker on his social networks. The user @federico_di_summa He uploaded a video showing how the dog, the pet of the place where he was staying in Guatemala, had become very fond of him.

So much so that the day he left on a boat, Federico filmed how the dog followed him and then jumped into the sea. “She didn’t want me to leave… we just met 4 days ago“He pointed out in the post, to which he added: “If this isn’t love…”.

Although many of the users of the TikTok social network commented on the video asking Federico to come back for the dog, others noted that she probably already has an owner since she was wearing a black collar. However, the scene broke several hearts: “A puppy does that to me and I end up filling the sea with tears”; “I’m crying”; “Don’t play, I could never leave her”were some of the responses.

Watch the emotional moment: