Anmat reported that within the framework of the implementation of the Law for the Promotion of Healthy Food, or also called “Front Labeling”, a System of nutritional stamps and warnings was made available, which includes a stamp calculator available to the population .

These warning stamps and precautionary legends are graphic tools in the form of octagons or rectangles, which will be located on the main face or front of the food containers, allowing access to nutritional information in a simple, clear, visible, precise and non-invasive way. misleading

“Consumers will be able to enter the nutritional values ​​in the stamp calculator and the system will indicate if the product has an excess of sugars, total fats, saturated fats, sodium and calories,” they pointed out from the regulatory entity.

In addition, the tool allows companies (as the first phase of the adaptation schedule) to make an informative declaration of the content of critical nutrients and calories, as well as to report on the presence of sweeteners and/or caffeine for non-alcoholic foods and beverages. achieved by law.

It should be remembered that although the law was regulated, there are deadlines. To comply with the first part, large companies will have 9 months to adapt to the law and small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), 15. Meanwhile, the implementation of the second stage stipulates a term of no more than 18 months for large companies and 24 hours for SMEs.