The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) reported the ban on the sale and distribution of a well-known disinfectant throughout the country. Through provision 5059/2022, the agency prohibited the use, marketing, advertising and distribution throughout the national territory of the “Gropek Clean” cleaning product, which is advertised as a “disinfectant cleaner” capable of eliminating “99.9% of viruses and bacteria. The decision was made since it lacked establishment and product registrations, thus proving to be illegal.

ANMAT prohibited the commercialization of a disinfectant • Channel C

The measure was taken from a query from a user that caused the Home Health Service to begin the search for other data on the products and the company. The investigation made it possible to verify the supply of household products not registered with the ANMAT on the company’s website ( and also on Mercado Libre.

“In order to protect potential purchasers and users of the products involved, whose manufacturing conditions are unknown, and considering that establishments and household products must have the corresponding authorizations and registrations so that they can be marketed,” The Directorate for the Evaluation and Management of Monitoring of Health Products suggested prohibiting the use and commercialization throughout the country and on electronic sales platforms of the product in question, according to the agency’s spokespersons.