The Mayor Martin Llaryora announced on Monday the extension of the La Piojera Cultural Centerin the Alberdi neighborhood, for which it will send to the Deliberative Council the project that declares the adjoining land of public utility and subject to expropriation. This is the property located at 164 Neuquén Street, built in 1930, which adjoins the west party wall of La Piojera.

The Executive’s measure is intended to strengthen artistic and cultural activities currently being developed in this co-management space and community participation between the Municipality of Córdoba, the neighbors, the social and cultural organizations of the Alberdi neighborhood.

Mayor Llaryora presided over the act in which he expressed his satisfaction with the decision of the Executive to recover this space for the residents of the city: “On the 93rd anniversary, what better than this gift: something that was going to disappear, in this historical moment, grows”.

In turn, he thanked the neighborhood organizations in this process of neighborhood struggle for sustaining this space as a heritage of humanity. “If the neighbors had not had full cultural and historical awareness, perhaps this place would have disappeared. There are many buildings, La Piojera is only one”.

For his part, the deputy mayor Daniel Passerini, He said: “One of the definitions of culture is everything that is the heritage of humanity, and this space clearly is again. These are the initiatives that have enough strength and the support of a community to get ahead.”