A seven-year-old boy was seriously injured after being attacked by a pitbull dog in the city of Villa Carlos Paz, in the province of Cordoba. The incident occurred on Wednesday night, and according to police sources, the dog was retained while the boy was transferred to the Sayago Municipal Hospital, where he received 25 stitches.

The attack occurred around 8:00 p.m. in Pasaje México, in the La Quinta neighborhood. The boy had left a 41-year-old neighbor’s house when the pit bull attacked him, causing multiple stab wounds to his legs.

The child’s mother, in statements to chain 3, recounted what happened: “When we went shopping, the dog appeared. He jumped and was centimeters away from grabbing his genitals. He grabbed his legs.” The mother expressed her frustration that they only took the male dog and not the female, and she pointed out that the owner of the animal has an open house and she only went to the police to file a complaint after the attack.

The mother also mentioned the economic difficulties that he faces to carry out the daily care of the child due to the serious injuries. She stated that the dog’s owner promised to take care of it, but at that moment she did not have money to pay for a taxi and was wondering how she was going to do the necessary cures..

Pit bull attacks are frequent news, although defenders of this breed argue that They are not dangerous if they are properly cared for and not provoked.

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