The Chief of Cabinet, Juan Manzur, will leave his place in the next few days to concentrate on the electoral campaign in Tucumán. The decision has already been made and the February 15. Thus, a new drop in the national government will take place.

The minister will leave the Casa Rosada to campaign with Osvaldo Jaldo, the current governor, with whom he will share the formula. This time it will be the reverse of 2019 and the Jaldo-Manzur duo will appear on the ballot.

During the afternoon, in an act in Tucumán, Alberto Fernandez He anticipated Manzur’s departure, but he did so in a campaign tone. “We are going to return Juan to the Tucumans so that he can work with the Tucumans, to lead Peronism to victory and Osvaldo Jaldo is governor,” he said.

In the act, the Chief of Staff supported the government management and gave strong support to the figure of the Head of State. In the Government it was read as an implicit message for the governors, who next Saturday will meet with Fernández in the Quinta de Olivos.

Fernández was clear that Manzur’s departure was going to materialize at any moment. Even, at the end of 2022, the president’s entourage had confirmed that at the beginning of February the Chief of Staff was going to leave the national government to concentrate all his energy on the electoral campaign.

There is still no clarity in the Casa Rosada about who will replace the Tucuman leader. The version that has been around the corridors of Balcarce 50 for some time has pointed to the current Deputy Chief of Staff, Juan Manuel Olmos, as the replacement.

However, near Olmos they denied that possibility. “He will not be the replacement”, they maintained. Fernández assigned him a task related to electoral assembly, which is what will occupy a large part of the Buenos Aires leader’s agenda. In the Government they indicated that the President has the name “in pectore”.

Manzur wants to throw himself fully into the electoral scenario. Tucumán is not his only ambition. Once he passes the local election, and if he succeeds, he has decided to be a candidate for president and compete in a PASO of the Frente de Todos. It is his vocation, although he still has a long way to go.

With information from infobae