“Do you see Schiaretti in Together for Change?” asked the driver of reality 2022 to the president of the Pro in Córdoba.

After thinking about it for a few moments, Javier Pretto answered without hesitation: “No” and added “I think they are experiments. It seems to me that today the conditions are not right for it to happen.”

In this regard, Pretto affirmed that the Governor of Córdoba is a “political animal” and does not believe that when his term ends he will retire from the field, for which he does not doubt that his experience could be a valuable contribution to other political constructions.

“It seems to me that evaluating a common agenda of urgent issues to be addressed from the first day of the next government is healthy, it is politically responsible. From there to that can be achieved in a political construction where they are all together, I don’t know”, hill

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