This Saturday the Goya Awards 2023 in its 37th edition, in the Palace of Conventions and Congresses of the city of Seville with the conduction of Antonio de la Torre and clear lake.

This is a new international recognition that the film directed by Santiago Mitre reaps. He had already won the Golden Globe last January. This prize, awarded by the Spanish Film Academy, was received by actor Peter Lanzani together with the film’s producers Federico Posternak and Agustina Llambi-Campbell.

The film is also nominated for an Oscar, one of the most important in the category, in the Best Foreign Film category.

From the blue carpet, excited and happy, Peter Lanzani A while before defining the award, he referred to the good repercussion of the film in which he stars together with Ricardo Darín. “We didn’t rehearse anything,” revealed the actor when asked if they had already prepared the thank you speech. With the good humor that characterizes him, he continued: “We come to enjoy. Then we’ll see what happens.”

Lanzani also referred to his friend and castmate Ricardo Darín. “He is a beautiful person. Beyond what I learned professionally from him, because he is a very generous guy, he was very warm to me, and I will thank him for that all my life “