Argentina continues to stand out on the international gastronomic scene, being recognized by the prestigious National Geographic publication as one of the best culinary destinations in the world. In his list of the best places to enjoy local recipes and ingredients, the country ranks seventh.

The richness of Argentine history, culture and biodiversity finds its expression in gastronomy, as highlighted by National Geographic in its article. Outstanding dishes include the emblematic roast, chosen as the best food on the continent by Taste Atlas, the delicious empanadas, the traditional choripanes, the exquisite locro and the surprising llama meat.

The list of the best gastronomic destinations in the world, compiled by National Geographic, includes Peru in first place, followed by Italy, Japan, Spain and Colombia. Argentina occupies a prominent position thanks to the fusion of European and native influences, creating a unique culinary identity.

Argentine cuisine has captivated the most demanding palates, and its international recognition is the result of the passion and dedication of chefs, wineries, restaurants and bars, who have known how to highlight the essence and authentic flavor of this country. With its combination of culinary traditions and local products, Argentina has established itself as a true leader in world gastronomy, attracting gourmet travelers from all over the world.

Argentina has been chosen as one of the countries with the best gastronomy in the world • Canal C
Locro. Photo: Cookpad

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