The Argentine team finished in eighth place in the World Pizza Championship, the most important contest in the world in the field that takes place annually in Parma, Italy, and once again demonstrated that it is among the best in the world, reported this Saturday the Association of Pizzerias and Houses of Empanadas (Apyce).

In this 29th edition, Argentina participated in the “World Pizza Team” category where it competed with 22 teams from different countries.

The top seven places went to Italian teams, while the Argentine team came in eighth place, making “Argentine” pizza second in importance worldwide among countries.

World Pizza: Argentina was second • Channel C

“Each team that is presented in this category is made up of six professional pizza masters who add points for their country and the Argentine team was only preceded by the local one (“Italian”),” they explained from the association.

Through a statement, Apyce said: “The objective of the Argentine team was to overcome the positions obtained in previous years and had the opportunity to demonstrate it once again in this edition with excellent scores.”