Once again, Argentina inflates its chest in one of the exclusive international selections of the site specialized in gastronomy Taste Atlas. In the last few hours, the aforementioned space published the “best dishes in the Americas”, where the Argentine barbecue was triumphantly located in the first place. This is not a minor fact, since there are several countries that have grilled meats similar to the local one.

Furthermore, within the “Top 50” there are a total of 4 “argentos” dishes: the already mentioned roast in the 1st; the Barbecue (as technique) in 7th place; the grilled provolone in the 17th and the tenderloin sandwich (either tenderloinCordovan pride) in position 41.

“Considered an epitome of Argentine gastronomy and culture, barbecue is much more than just a meal. In Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and several other South American countries, it is a culinary and social event attended by friends and family to share the joy of cooking outdoors. The roast traditionally presents a wide selection of grilled meats, mainly beef, for which Argentina is best knownhighlighted from Taste Atlas.

About the other posts, they say: the grills they can be found in numerous homes and restaurants in Argentina, and grilled meat is generally includes tripe, black pudding, chorizos, grill sausages, ribs, sirloin, skirts and loin. Provoleta is the Argentinian version of the famous Italian Provolone cheese that is believed to be an invention of Italian immigrants who wanted to merge two national cuisines. Mild in flavor and generally semi-hard and elastic in texture, it has a distinctive yellow color and is specially designed for grilling.

And finally, they point out that the tenderloin sandwichanother Argentine recipe that, days ago, was on the podium of the best sandwiches in the world, “is an extreme version of a steak sandwich: Filled with thinly sliced ​​tenderloin steak, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, chimichurri sauce, ham, cheese and a fried egg, the tenderloin sandwich is a giant sandwich sure to satisfy even the hungriest of eaters.”

The top 5 of the best dishes

The Taste Atlas ranking puts dishes from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Mexico among the top five. It’s about the picanha, “a fresh cut of beef that is especially popular and highly appreciated in Brazil,” they detail from Taste Atlas. In third place is bonus bread, described as “a traditional Colombian bread consisting of cassava flour, cheese, and eggs”; in the room, the Stone Pig, “a Chilean sauce with tomatoes, garlic, chiles, onions, olive oil, salt, pepper, and parsley or cilantro”; and in the fifth, the classic Mexican taco.