This Sunday, Rodolfo Bebán passed away, an outstanding figure of national culture, with an intense work developed as an actor and director in theater, cinema and television. Since 2019, the 84-year-old actor has been retired from artistic work and public life due to health problems.

The Argentine Association of Actors (AAA) fired him on Twitter as follows: “It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to the actor and director Rodolfo Bebán. His extensive artistic career includes unforgettable works in film, theater and television. He has been a member of our union since 1962. We accompany his children, family and loved ones in this difficult moment.”

The Morón Sports Club, of which Rodolfo Bebán was a fan, also spoke on Twitter lamenting the news and expressing condolences. “We deeply regret the death of Rodolfo Bebán, actor and well-known fan of our institution. We send our condolences to his family and loved ones at this difficult time.”

Rodolfo Beban’s career

In the cinema, Bebán had a long journey that is remembered for memorable performances such as the ones he performed in The boys from before they did not use gomina from 1969, Juan Manuel de Rosas from 1972 and mainly playing Juan Moreira in the film that took the character as title, based on the novel by Eduardo Gutiérrez, and which was directed by Leonardo Favio in 1973.

On television, he starred in the well-remembered telenovela Love has a woman’s face from 1964 and was part of the star cast of cycles such as High Comedy and The Price of Power.