The news caused shock and stupor on Wednesday, when it was learned that in the town of San Javier, in the north of the province, a 39-year-old woman killed her 6-year-old daughter and then called the police giving details how the event happened.

The Villa Dolores prosecutor, María Eugenia Ferreyra, who is carrying out the investigation, ordered a psychiatric-psychological expertise to be carried out on the woman and is awaiting those results to determine if she is attributable.

The judicial official confirmed that it was the mother herself who called the police and said that “moments before she had killed her daughter”, so the staff went to the scene, verifying the death of the little girl and finding the aggressor ” with serious self-inflicted injuries”, for which she was referred “to the local hospital” for assistance.

Ferreyra confirmed that the author of the filicide “is detained and charged with the crime of homicide qualified by the link”, while the result of the “autopsy” carried out by Forensic Medicine personnel is also awaited, “in order to advance in the knowledge of the circumstances surrounding” the event.

Filicide: awaiting results of the psychiatric expertise on the mother • Channel C