More than four decades after the creation of the Fundación Mediterránea, a non-profit civil association created in the city of Córdoba by the initiative of 34 companies called by Mr. Piero Astori, today the institution closes another year.

This entity is in charge of promoting the investigation of national economic problems, contributing to a better knowledge and solution of Latin American economic problems, creating a non-partisan forum where major national and Latin American problems are discussed. In summary, it is formed as a space where studious men contribute their intelligence to design economic solutions with the only condition imposed by the inalienable adherence to respect for the freedom and dignity of the human person.

In this end-of-year context, the institution carried out a Management balance sheet. “Today I intend to make a kind of synthesis of 2022, of what we have faced and what we are going to face for 2023,” began explaining Carlos Melconian, President of the Ieral.

“I cannot help but start with a repetitive and key concept: support and the collaborative spirit, total involvement, hard work and growth. For all that we have walked today, I want to convey to you that there is great demand for a new Argentina, an Argentina with a future of growth, progress and equity. That’s what we’re working for”

“In December we have completed one year of the cornerstone of this project. We agreed on the joint task of developing an economic program that would constitute a change of regime inscribed in Western capitalism, to which we have to re-integrate. To operationalize a working method towards go ahead.”

In this sense, I would like to highlight that the project was developed from two different lifts. The first was that of the contents and that of the professionals. The second was the dissemination and explicitation of the importance of finding agreements”

In this sense, he assured that “We are, as we expected, an institution of high prestige”