In addition to the controversial garments that Balenciaga presented this year, such as the Crocs with heels or the destroyed Paris Sneakers, there is the black garbage bag.

The piece created by designer Demma Gvasalia questions climate change and the war in Ukraine.

The luxury bag perfectly mimics the shape of a rubbish bag as we all know it, has the brand logo discreetly printed on the front and is made of soft calfskin leather.

The Georgian designer loves to stir up controversy with his original ideas, “I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make the most expensive garbage bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?” Demna confessed.

But the Balenciaga Trash Pouch has a more interesting meaning than it seems. The accessory is part of the fall/winter 2022 show’s theme, which was “migration,” referring to how families in Ukraine are fleeing war with their belongings in black garbage bags.

The most talked about bag of the season is available in physical boutiques and in the Balenciaga online store, for 1,400 euros or 1,790 dollars.

In addition to the classic black color, it can also be found in white and red, blue and black, and yellow and black.