The salary claim by doctors from the public health sector of Córdoba continues, after months of constant protests and expressions in repudiation of the salary offer offered by the Province. This will be reflected in the adherence to the teaching protest reported by the Córdoba Unida Health Coordinator, who reported that strikes lasting 24, 48, 72 hours and for an indefinite period “with acts of protest at hospital entrances, with assemblies , white tents”, among others. This Thursday they will join a march through the streets.

In this context, the Minister of Health Gabriela Barbás spoke with the media on Tuesday and explained that the situation “is heterogeneous” in the different hospitals since some “They did not adhere to the measure of force, but are in assembly and continue to care for the population. In other hospitals they are on strike.” The official questioned the brake on activities after “the impact left by the pandemic (…) having a government that has been deepening all the measures, with a permanent dialogue table”.

Barbás also highlighted that at the end of last year the health team had a “strong salary impact”: “For example, a doctor who worked on duty in the interior earned $181,000, and now with 20 percent due to the inflation rate, he charges $425,000. Really, the recomposition of salaries for health professionals has been very important. For this reason, the government ordered that while the dialogue continues with the different sectors for the parities, grant a 10% update on the salary for the month of February and another 10% in March”.

The head of the health portfolio also pointed out that human resources were added “Since October, more than 450 agents have been incorporated. On March 31, 100 percent of the monotributistas are hired; the move to permanent plant; last week the modification of the Health law was presented in the Legislature.” “It occupies and worries; today the salary of a doctor in Córdoba is the highest compared to other provinces“, as Santa Fe and Mendoza, completed Barbás.

Coverage: Nacho Cadario