Actress Barbie Vélez announced that she is pregnant with Lucas Rodríguez. She communicated it through her social networks along with a tender photo of her with her husband.

“The family is getting bigger, we couldn’t be happier,” wrote Nazarena’s daughter, who will be a mother for the first time. In the photo of her that she posted of her you can see her smiling and Rodriguez hugging her.

Prior to the announcement on her Instagram account, Barbie had anticipated it to the LAM television program: “I had a hormonal issue and I thought it would take a while to get pregnant. It didn’t make me sick, but since it’s quite normal in my body, it didn’t bother me. I took a test to see and when I saw the positive I couldn’t believe it.”

Barbie recorded her mother when she showed her that the pregnancy test had been positive. In the video you can see how both are excited and hug each other.

“She wasn’t looking for him. That’s why, when they asked me, I said ‘you have to see first if she can and if she wants to’. When I looked into her eyes, she had a shit. She told me ‘now what’ ”, revealed the media in THE M.

And he added: “The only thing I can tell you is that she is going to be an incredible mother.”

In turn, Barbie expressed: “I love her (my mother), I was just seeing her and I almost cried. I can’t believe what my mom banked on me and how she protected me.”