This Sunday after beating the French team on penalties in the 2022 World Cup final, Argentina became World Champion for the third time.

After this victory at the hands of Lionel Messi, social networks exploded with images and videos related to the celebration and the members of the team. However, among all the posts highlighting the colors light blue and white, the announcement of the birth of the first daughter of Barby Franco and Fernando Burlando was added.

“Hello world!!! I love you @burlandofernando the princess has arrived… We are very lucky!!!”was what the model expressed through her Instagram account, along with a moving image receiving her baby. “The best team in the world”she added and immediately thanked her obstetrician, Ignacio Pérez Tomasone, and all the medical personnel who assisted her at the Otamendi Sanatorium.

The lawyer shared the same image with the message “I arrive”. The lawyer is already the father of Maria Y dolphinfrom a previous marriage but was looking forward to the birth of her daughter with the model after five years of trying.

Although the name of his daughter has not yet been confirmed, many speculate that the chosen one was Sarahsince it was between that, Bernadette or Barbara.