The Minister of Economy, Silvina Batakis, rejected any possibility of devaluation and indicated that an “agreement” will be sought with the price makers. In addition, she confirmed that a rate segmentation will be applied and said that her team of collaborators will be announced this Thursday.

Regarding inflation, he ruled out that in July there will be a sharp jump in the cost of living, but he acknowledged that Argentina has to face the escalation of prices. He denied the possibility of applying a tax increase to alleviate financing problems.

Regarding the Universal Basic Salary promoted by Kirchnerism, Batakis said that this discussion is “linked to the 4.0 revolution” because there will be a strong transformation of the labor market. He said that such a subsidy requires the state to achieve “fiscal sustainability.”

In television statements, Batakis clarified that the issue of the Universal Salary requires “financing” and cannot be resolved in a short time.