Beatriz Salomón’s ex-husband, Alberto Ferriols, was arrested on Thursday morning, after one of his daughters denounced him for death threats and domestic violence. The police raided his home and found a arsenal of weapons, ammunition, hunting knives, prods and handcuffsseveral of them without legal authorization from the National Agency for Controlled Materials (ANMAC).

According to journalist Pablo Layús, the surgeon could get a prison term of between 6 months and 4 years, all aggravated by gender violence. The accused is expected to testify in the next few hours before the City Prosecutor’s Office. In turn, the prosecutor Claudio Silvestri ordered protection measures for the victim, as well as seized all the elements of violence and granted Ferriols a ban on the purchase and possession of firearms.

Alberto Ferriols and Bettina.  (Photo: Instagram @albertoferriols)
Alberto Ferriols with his daughter Bettina