Each one expresses their love to whom and to what they want… and this was demonstrated by a beer romantic. A curious episode was recorded on a video: a young man, whose identity remains unknown, dedicated a powerful poem to a can of that alcoholic beverage while traveling in a bus.

The curious moment occurred in Mexico. The user of the social network TikTok @c_esars7 the fragment of the recited piece was uploaded to that network. “And a poem,” she wrote, accompanying the video in which the “artist” is seen from behind, sitting in the front seat.

In his verses, the passionate young man mentions that beer, in this case the Corona brand, is his only love and that he won’t mind spending his money for “his princess”: “… you Crown, you are my princess, because for me you are my queen, you are my deliciousness… Coronita, I love you for all my life… you are the one I lose all my money for because you are what I love the most, crown … Do not go away from me. Because you are the love that you were born for me. I dedicate this to you…”he is heard to say with great eloquence.

Of course, the comments did not take long to enhance the bizarreness of the moment: “Me at my most schizophrenic moment”, “I want to be someone’s extra crown”, “let me shake your hand from poet to poet”, “and after a while your poem appears in a commercial”, “and I realized how I really wanted to be an Extra Crown”, “poetry is not premeditated, it arises”, “my rap compas and him when”, “me and my crowns”, “indeed, it is cinema”, “I am that one”, “ Romeo and not Saint”are some of the messages.

This was the ‘romantic’ moment: