Alejandro Cencerrado, has a degree in Physics from the Complutense University of Madrid and is an analyst of big data of the Institute of Happiness in Copenhagen, and for 17 years he conducted a study that is responsible for measuring happiness. Cencerrado says that he started this investigation because he was at a very particular personal moment, “my parents argued a lot, I had many self-esteem problems and jealousy for my partner, and one day I said I want to be happy in my life and I started”.

The physicist assures that during these 17 years he worked on his own happiness and has not managed to be happier, and this happens for two reasons: on the one hand, we adapt to everything, and on the other, we need to suffer from time to time to enjoy of things Cencerrado explains that “when you seek to avoid pain, sacrifice and suffering, you must be aware that if you avoid the bad, you end up taking out the positive that is overcoming challenges. Being unhappy is necessary.”

Alejandro said that after writing his book he set the goal of not criticizing other people’s things because the more you criticize the less things you can allow yourself, that’s how he doesn’t criticize other people’s physique.

And he affirmed, the more you criticize others, the more they criticize you.

“I refuse to be happy in circumstances of injustice” and assured that anger and anger are there to teach us something, and referred to the War in Ukraine, until this injustice is over I do not want to be happy.

Finally, I talk about how his book came about, where he said that it is a mixture of his diary and many studies of the general population.

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