La Beriso said goodbye to a great year at the fully packed Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium in Córdoba. More than 2 hours of show, with a list of 25 songs and the special participation of “Ulysses Bueno” in “Do not forget me”.

Another big step for Avellaneda’s band, since for the first time they said goodbye to a year in a stadium outside of Buenos Aires and continue to consolidate themselves as one of the most federal bands in the country. 2022 was undoubtedly a great success for La Beriso, where she toured Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay in almost 80 live shows, and is already preparing for 2023 with an agenda full of recitals.

It is not the first time that the cuartetero has shared the stage with Rolo Sartorio, the vocalist of La Beriso. On other occasions, one and the other have been invited to their respective shows. Watch the special moment:

“The last one to turn off the light” is the long-awaited album of covers by authors of different musical styles. The first single came out in May and was “Everything Changes”, by Chilean Julio Numhauser, popularized worldwide by Mercedes Sosa. A month later, “El necio”, by Cuban Silvio Rodríguez, was released, and in July the trilogy of previews was closed with “Amor de La Salada”, which featured the beautiful voice of its original singer, Rocío Quiroz.

The list of songs on this impressive album by La Beriso includes titles such as “Contigo” by Joaquín Sabina and Pancho Varona, “Como le digo” sung alongside the immortal Rodrigo, “Adiós amigo adiós” by Andrés Calamaro, “Te vas a repent” and “If you had not gone” by Marco Antonio Solís, “Me Vuelvo Loco” by the Spanish group Tequila, “Corazón de neon” by the Spanish group Orquesta Mondragón (with lyrics by Sabina), “Echame a mí la culpa” by Ferrusquilla and popularized by Julio Iglesias, and the mega-classic “A miWAY”.

The production of the work was in charge of Rolo Sartorio and the successful Mexican producer Armando Avila. The recording was made at Romaphonic Studios, mixed in Mexico and mastered in New York with Grammy Award-winning and renowned mastering engineer Emily Lazar.

“How do I tell you” was the only song that was recorded at the Abasto Monsterland studios with Álvaro Villagra. According to Rolo himself, “The idea of ​​making a covers album was simply to make songs that one likes and that are of a different style. That’s why we didn’t choose almost anything from rock. Not all of them are well known and we try to cooperate in making them a little better known. Instead others are legendary. It has a variety of musical styles and it is a pleasure that we wanted to give ourselves, as a band and I personally”.

Beriso said goodbye to 2022 with a full Kempes!  • Channel C

A documentary full of stories

Directed by Rodrigo H. Vila and Cristian D´Alessandro, from the production company Cinema 7 films, “Llenos de Historias” is the first documentary of La Beriso and it is, neither more nor less, a review of the extensive history of the band , from its beginnings to the present day.

At times emotional, at times hilarious, at times reflective, the images show us the values ​​and feelings that united this group of musician-friends until reaching this successful present: camaraderie, sadness, melancholy, enjoyment, struggle, transparency, coherence. and that degree of madness that every initial dream has implicit.

This trip, with its particular history, gives us unpublished images, from studio recordings, tours (and early mornings) and backstage. In addition, musicians, friends, relatives, those first followers and the band participate, in the first person. If there is something that this documentary makes clear to us, it is that La Beriso earned a place based on work, effort, sacrifice, authenticity and above all, knowing how to reach people’s hearts with songs.

“I would change this glory to have my two sisters back,” says an emotional Rolo Sartorio, referring to his family tragedy.