The host of Big Brother 2022, Santiago del Moro, announced this Monday night that Juliana, who had returned to the most famous house in the country thanks to her former colleagues, was expelled after revealing information from abroad. In addition, Daniela, Agustín and La Tora were chosen by the public to re-enter reality after the repechage.

Rumors that Juliana’s departure would materialize were increasing more and more. When the presenter appeared on the program with a black envelope, the chances increased.

“There is expulsion,” exclaimed del Moro. “The issue is the following. Let’s imagine it’s a football match. She got a yellow card, and then comes the red one. She was warned, but she kept doing the same thing. Juliana leaves right now,” express.

“My decision was that Juliana could not nominate and that she would automatically be on the plate,” Big Brother clarified. Then, he continued to break the rulebook and changed his stance.

“Therefore I decided to annul my initial sanction and now I am going to communicate the final sanction: Juliana I have decided to expel you from the house. I ask you to say goodbye to your colleagues and to comply with this measure right now,” he told her. , without letting him prepare his suitcase.

The news shocked Maxi, her boyfriend, who broke down in tears and even slipped that he would leave the house, something that will be confirmed or not in the next few hours.

Daniela, Agustín and La Tora returned to Big Brother 2022

Juliana had been the first former contestant to return to the house. Now, the public had the opportunity to choose three more participants, who ended up being Daniela, Agustín and La Tora.

Del Moro mentioned that Cata, Juan, Holder and Martina were the least voted and that Daniela, with 40.98% of the positive votes, entered the house again.

“I beg you please don’t do like Juliana and don’t tell anything about the outside world,” the driver advised.

Later, the presenter mentioned that Agustín was the second most voted and entered the most famous house in the country, after being eliminated for controversial attitudes.

Finally, in a one-on-one with Mora, the people chose that La Tora be the one to accompany the rest of the little brothers and to enter the program again.