The host of Big Brother, Santiago del Moro, responded to the Government after the controversy over the accusations of one of its participants against President Alberto Fernández and assured that “whatever he says” each member of the house “runs on his own.”

The presenter’s words were given at the end of the cycle on Wednesday and after the request of the presidential spokesperson, Gabriela Cerruti, for the program to retract what happened.

“What the participants say is up to them,” del Moro explained about the statements made by Walter “Alfa” Santiago, who said he knew the President and called him a “coimero.”

“Before we say goodbye, I want to make a clarification. This is a program that obviously works with open cameras, it is known worldwide. The members enter a house that has more than 60 cameras with 70 or 80 microphones. What they say inside the house is up to them,” said the driver.

And he continued: “In fact, each participant, before entering the Big Brother house, here and in the world, signs a document that is responsible for the things he says and the people he names.”

“I clarify this because different people have been named within the house and that is entirely the responsibility of whoever says it. That’s the document the boys signed. Clarified this, see you tomorrow, ”he concluded.