The Municipal Government Secretary, Miguel Siciliano and Pablo ChaconSecretary General of the AGEC spoke this Monday about the new action of Bio Cordoba next to the trade union. The entity delivered llamas, sheep and goats that can no longer remain in the former zoo.

Sicilian He appreciated the possibility of working with an institution such as the employment union that allows animals that can be transferred to do so in optimal conditions with “veterinary care, with the biocor controlling the development of the life of animals, with the animal table”.

He also indicated that the path chosen with the mayor Martin Llaryora It’s of “close a zoo, give it back to the people, no longer exhibit non-relocatable animals, and move all animals that can be relocated.” He assured that although this path is not easy, they were able to achieve it with the support of the animal roundtable, the protectionist roundtable, the National University of Cordobaand the unions and institutions that help them.

“We have to do what is right, and that is to guarantee the Non-Human right, which is the right of animals. Improve their quality of life and return a place like this to the residents of Córdoba”, the municipal clerk closed.

for his partChacon indicated that for the moment the animals will be transferred to the campsite of the AGEC which already consists of approximately 90 hectares in which they work in a reserve in which they work in an orchard.

He specified that the animals will initially be quarantined in space under the control of Bio Cordoba and the whole table of protectionism. After this first stage, they will be given the space of freedom that each of the animals should have.