The auxiliary bishop of Córdoba Ricardo Seirutti, the second in the Archbishopric, sent a letter to both the Attorney General, the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) and the presidency of the Jury of Prosecution, asking that Judge Francisco Martín Flores, accused of crimes serious and poor performance of their duties, not be dismissed.

Flores is going through a criminal process after being denounced by his ex-partner for the alleged commission of the crimes of sexual abuse with carnal access, illegitimate deprivation of liberty and threats, among others, in a context of gender violence. Seirutti’s letter was sent in the hours before this Wednesday the 14th, the Prosecution Jury of the Province of Córdoba, announced the ruling that will determine the future of Flores.

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In the letter, the auxiliary bishop of Córdoba expresses “our deep concern about the trial process carried out against Francisco Martín Flores.” “We know that the damage to be produced if he is dismissed may be irreparable”says Seirutti in his first letter sent and adds that his possible dismissal, “It undermines the aforementioned guarantee of innocence by depriving Judge Flores of being innocent until a sentence says otherwise.”

In that letter, he calls for “intermediate” solutions to be applied. Faced with this situation, and in the midst of growing discontent in the sphere of provincial justice, the Attorney General of the Province of Córdoba, john delgado -who had requested the dismissal of the lawyer for “the possible commission of crimes and bad performance”-requested a clarification from Seirutti to find out if he was speaking on behalf of the Archbishopric or in a personal capacity. “I wrote the letter personally, without representing anyone, neither a person nor an institution”he answered healing.

“We know Dr. Flores, while it is a magistrate who always exercises his function within the framework of Christian virtues and with the utmost respect for human rights”.

Ob. Ricardo Seirutti

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In his writing, Seirutti mentions something that the judge’s defense had objected to: that if he lost his job, they would also take away the financial support of the three children he has with the complainant woman.