Possibly all of us have tried a black forest cake at some point, as it is one of the most popular cakes by Argentines. Its creaminess and the flavor of the chocolate together with the cherries gives it an incomparable flavor.

Although there are a few different versions of this incredible dessert, the traditional cake has a chocolate sponge cake, cherry liqueur, cherries, cream and chocolate chips, an explosive combination of flavors for our palates.

Today we bring you from the hand of Cristina de Pasteleria Cuore the step by step of this recipe


For the sponge cake: 4 eggs, 40 g of sugar, 60 g of 0000 flour, 20 g of bitter cocoa.

For the filling: 500 g cream, 350 g of sugar and cherries.


1.Beat the eggs with the sugar until you get a letter point.

2.Incorporate the flour together with the bitter cocoa (sifted) into the mixture. And in an enveloping way we mix the ingredients.

3. Pour the mixture into a previously buttered container. We take it to the oven 180 ° about 25/30 min.

4. Once we remove the sponge cake, let it cool. Later we cut the cake into three discs and soak them with syrup.

5.To prepare the filling, beat the cream in a container with the sugar, until it reaches the chantilly point, that is, a foamy and firm mixture.

6. To assemble the cake, take one of the disks and place it on a plate. Cover with a layer of cream and add the cut cherries. Repeat the same steps with the other cake discs.

7. Finally, cover the entire cake with cream and smooth it out with the help of a spatula. Decorate with grated chocolate on top and some flakes of cream with a cherry on top

Watch the video here: